Via Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

Photo credit @ The Majesticgoldenrose

She had never stopped dreaming of that magical gateway. A courtyard ensconced in towering stone walls, seeped in history, knowledge and the secrets of the thousands who had lived here over the centuries.

The first time she’d seen them had been from her daddy’s shoulders. He’d carried her across the cobbles then put her down and stooped through the wicket gate, beckoning her to follow. Her head didn’t even brush the top.

She remembered being mesmerised by the enormous space hidden inside. Green grass, pink blossom, brown stone twisted to make towers and turrets, dozens of windows and doors. 

It was a castle from a fairytale.

She was just as mesmerised now, standing in that same courtyard, gown flapping in the breeze, nervously adjusting the cap on her head. 

She wobbled in her heels as the procession made its way across the cobbles. When she saw her father’s beaming smile she felt as high as if she was riding on his shoulders once again.

Thank you Priceless Joy for the prompt. It reminds me so much of my university so it was lovely to go back there for a few minutes for this piece 🙂

6 thoughts on “Cobblestones

  1. Awww, this story is wonderful! She dreamed of being on her father’s shoulders as she went to the university and she saw the pride in his smile when she graduated! Lovely story Chloe!


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