The furthest I’ve been from home


The furthest? Well, it’s hard to say.

I’ve been to the ends of the earth and back. Beyond, in fact: I’ve been to space more times than I can remember.

I’ve crossed oceans and mountains and centuries. I’ve witnessed legends born, kingdoms risen and empires crumbled.

I’ve seen all of human history – the main bits anyway. From Kings of England to the land of the free. I’ve seen revolution in France, Russia, China…

I’ve watched as technology infiltrated our modern lives, and consumed us… destroyed us. I’ve seen the future… maybe. A thousand possible futures… certainly.I’ve crossed worlds and dimensions. Through the wardrobe, through the looking glass, between platforms at King’s Cross.

I’ve lived among peasants, kings and nobles. Pirates, thieves and priests. Witches, wizards and warlocks. Dwarves, hobbits and elves. Fae, werewolves and daemons.

I’ve watched dragons born and dragons slain. I’ve seen the dead rise – by ice, by fire, by bells.

I’ve started wars, I’ve killed in wars… I’ve died in wars.

I’ve seen assassins become queens, rangers become kings… and kings become monsters.

I’ve lived a thousand lives.

I’ve walked a thousand paths.

I am a reader.

You ask me where have I been? Well, where haven’t I been?


Flash Fiction Challenge: Day 1.


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