Weird News

Um, so today’s prompt was to Google ‘Weird News’ and write the first story that came up and it was… um… interesting. My initial thought was… oh… God.

So before you dive in I just want to stress that the characters in this story are NOT meant to represent real people. It’s a real story, about real positions within the White House but the characters I created are entirely fictional. I’m British and a bit dumb when it comes to politics – I don’t even know who the actual Chief of Staff is (or how his hairline is doing). Seriously, I’m clueless. This thing is based more on the West Wing than real life…


“How did he get in?”

“I don’t know, sir, we’re still investigating.”

The Chief of Staff ran his fingers through his thinning hair. This was his dream job, why did it feel like a nightmare?

“Has it really only been eight months? Don’t… answer that.”

“Yes, sir.”

“You can go now, but I want to know immediately if you find anything else out.”

“Of course, sir.” Wallace backed out of the office and closed the door gently behind him. He’d been yelled at more than once for letting it slam. Delicacy was just not something they taught you in the Marines.

He’d made his Momma proud when he was appointed White House Head of Security. And since the inauguration he’d seen threat after threat just around the corner. He was constantly on edge but nothing had got past him yet.

He wasn’t about to let some sneaky punk make him let his Momma down.

As he approached the second floor of the Executive Residence he heard the President’s continued yelling. Wallace understood that he was naturally shaken by the security breach but he seemed more concerned with fixing his appearance than finding the culprit.

“Willis,” he said as soon as he saw the burly Head of Security, “have you found out who did this?”

“Not yet, Mr President,” Wallace replied, resisting the urge to correct the Commander in Chief: he was hardly going to start getting his name right eight months down the line.

“Get on with it then,” he waved his hands and turned back to yelling at the huddle of nervous-looking staff all trying to calm him down.

Wallace nodded and gestured to his second-in-command, Ramirez, to follow him out in to the hallway.

“Anything?” he asked in hushed tones.

“Nothing. Everything was locked down, still is locked down, no sign of forced entry – in fact, there’s no sign anyone has even been here, it’s… a total mystery.”

“Ain’t no such thing, we’ll get to the bottom of it,” Wallace clapped his deputy on the shoulder, “have we gone through all the CCTV?”

“Combing through it now,” Ramirez nodded, “zilch so far.”

Wallace grunted, “I need more coffee.”

He started to turn in the direction of the kitchen but stopped when he saw an aide scoot past him into the President’s suite.

Her face was white as a sheet, shoulders hunched as if to protect herself. Wallace’s trained senses honed in on the danger immediately.

He watched from the doorway as the young woman approached the President. He couldn’t hear her words over the ruckus but he saw her shakily hand over a folder.

A hush fell over the crowded reception room as the President opened the folder and read the memo within.

“Who did you say this was from?”

The aide cleared her throat, “North Korea, Mr President.”

“Wallace!” the President shouted.

Wallace hurried over and quickly read the memo the President held out to him.

“I want this sorted out by noon,” he said, not waiting for an answer before striding into his bedroom and slamming the door behind him.

Wallace frowned and gestured for his entire team to follow him into the empty meeting room next door.

He waited for the last junior officer to close the door behind himself before speaking.

“I’m just going to say this straight out. There’s been another incident in North Korea. Exactly like this one. No signs of forced entry, no signs of the culprit.”

“Exactly like this one?” Asked Ramirez, raising his eyebrows, “even with the… ” He gestured to his shaved head.

Wallace nodded, “someone, somehow, for some reason, has switched their hair.”


Flash Fiction Challenge Day 3: “Weird News”


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