Claws Out as Gryffindors Cry Favouritism

Viewers were left stunned last night when fisticuffs broke out in the Big Brother castle.

This year, weekly tasks have housemates battle it out to win a spot in comfortable Gryffindor Tower or slum it in the Slytherin Dungeon.

Housemates Harry, Ron and Hermione are the only housemates to have won every task, quickly becoming a tight-knit trio and audience favourites.

But now it looks like the honeymoon might be over.

Just after highlights finished on muggle Channel 4 last night, Harry was caught receiving letters from his Godfather by owl – forbidden under Big Brother rules.

He was called to the diary room and forced to hand over the letters but received no further punishment.

When he emerged and told Ron what had happened, an argument broke out.

“It’s blatant favouritism!” Ron would later say in the diary room, “my mum levitated corned-beef sandwiches over the fence last week and I was sent to the dungeons! I didn’t even ask her to! In fact, I specifically told her not to!”

While Hermione attempted to cool the boys off during their shouting match, she later admitted privately that ‘it does seem a bit unfair, doesn’t it?’

During highlights, before the argument took place, viewers ate up the trio’s latest love-triangle drama.

“I wish she’d just admit that she likes him,” said Ron in the diary room, speaking about escalating flirtations between Harry and Hermione.

When Big Brother asked about it, Harry still insisted that there’s ‘nothing there’ despite the two appearing quite close in this week’s dragon task.

In the dungeon, housemate Draco looks set for eviction on Friday. Viewers were less than impressed with his continued whining.

“If I have to hear ‘When my father hears about this’ one more time… #BB #Dracotoleave” tweeted Dave in Manchester.

“Did someone feed him weasel polyjuice potion? #BB #Draco #WhyTheLongFace” tweeted Sarah in Dorset.

But the bleach-blond daddy’s boy does have a few fans left it seems.

“Love to hate him! Classic sexy bad boy #Dracotostay #BB #Badboy” tweeted Mel in Essex.

Big Brother highlights are on every night at 9pm on Channel 4 and this week’s eviction will take place live on Friday from 10pm.


Flash Fiction Challenge Day 4: “Write a Tabloid story about a favourite celebrity”

Well, I don’t have a favourite celebrity and I felt a bit odd just making a story up about a real person, but then this idea popped into my head. I think it fits the theme loosely enough. I hope you enjoyed it, I certainly had fun writing it!


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