I’m Chloe and I’m an aspiring writer. I’ve been a bookworm as long as I can remember and I’ve dabbled with creative writing on and off over the years. My first ‘publication’ (which I printed from my computer) was an illustrated short story called ‘Harry the Hermit Crab’ but I can’t remember much about it (though I assure you my mum probably remembers every embarrassing detail).

I have always needed an outlet for my creative side, and for a long time that was art. But I was scared to pursue that as a career because for me – a very shy and quiet girl – it seemed too scary and difficult. So now I’m out of practice and the frustration of not being able to draw as well as I want to is infuriating.

Instead of going to art school I studied French and Italian at university (it’s easy to get a job with a languages degree, they said), eventually getting my masters in translation. So while my pencils and paintbrushes were gathering dust, my keyboard was always clicking away. I wasn’t working on fiction, but I still spent a good chunk of my time writing and as a translator I was experimenting with different styles to fit my assignment. I was told by multiple teachers and clients that I had a great writing voice, a natural flair for it.

It was a natural progression, then, to take that writing flair and use it to feed my creative appetite. I started out on Reddit, responding to writing prompts and then I began working on something longer, something which might, one day turn into a novel. I started thinking, I could do this. I live for the moments in the day when I can sit down and write, and spend hours daydreaming in the worlds I create.

This blog is about honing my skills by writing and posting regularly, gaining feedback and followers from you lovely readers and building a platform from which to launch a career doing this thing that I love.

Oh you wanted to hear about me? I’m 24, I live in Birmingham, UK and at the moment I work a desk job. Life goals include publishing a novel, owning a cat (or three) and buying a gorgeous big house for those cats to scratch up. I’m a pescatarian, I love foxes and scented candles and I can’t write (or even function as a human being) without bucketfuls of coffee.