My Sister the Siren – Part I

“Get up.”

My eyes fluttered. It was dark. Something had woken me up.

“Serenity, get up.”

“Nobody calls me that,” I mumbled semi-automatically.

“Oh of course, you prefer Sarah I hear. Is that your middle name? Boring if you ask me. Fading into the background, the eternal wallflower…”

“S’not boring. I like it.” I rubbed my eyes with my fists. My senses were sluggish after being dragged forcibly out of a deep slumber, so it took my brain a moment to fire those danger signals.

I screamed. Someone was in my bedroom!

Adrenaline kicked my senses into gear and I scrambled upright, leaning into the headboard, away from the figure standing over my bed. I pulled the duvet to my chin – a feeble sort of protection. Continue reading “My Sister the Siren – Part I”


New Serial: My Sister the Siren

Hey, it’s been a while. My 30-day challenge kind of bombed – life happens. It didn’t help that I was also doing a 30-day fitness challenge, sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day.

Anyway, I’m back and I’ve decided to kick off September with a brand new series. If you’ve followed me for a while you’ll know that My Sister the Siren is the short story I wrote for Book Loot but I think it’s about time I shared it here.

It’s still one of my absolute favourites that I’ve written and I’m so excited to share it with you 🙂

It’ll be a 5 parter, and Part 1 will be up later today.

Road trip

Lysanne let her left hand dangle outside as the car sped along the highway. The window was all the way down, fresh, salty beach air tousling her hair and filling her lungs.

They’d always wanted to go to the beach and finally here they were; sea on one side, LA on the other, rock and roll blasting from her beat up caddy’s tinny radio.

Lysanne took a long drag on her joint, “I told you we’d get here one day, baby.”

Robbie didn’t answer. He might have been asleep; it was hard to tell behind his dark shades.  Continue reading “Road trip”

If I made a TV show…

That’s today’s Flash Fiction Challenge prompt: if you could make a a TV show what would it be? 

I thought about it and there’s already a story I’d love to see as some weird buddy cop style show. 

It’s an old favourite so I’m copping (heh) out a bit and posting a throwback for today’s prompt. 

I feel like this would be the pilot and week by week we would see their antics unfold…

The Swan of Death


You have morbid thoughts as a parent. It’s normal.

At least, I think it is.

Nothing murderous just what if I drop him on his head? What if he gets run over by the school bus? What if I don’t teach him to cook chicken right and he goes off to college and dies trying to make chicken ramen?

Does chicken ramen even have real chicken in it? Probably not.

Anyway, those kind of thoughts. Normal anxiety-ridden mom stuff.

Continue reading “Wavelengths”