raven roofQuick Reads:

The Apprentice” – young Raven has been sent to rob a gambling den, but he thinks he’s spotted a shortcut.

Devil’s Advocate” – a man dies only to find himself in a court room being represented by a demon…

Got some time? Get stuck into my first complete serial:

My Sister the Siren: Part One, Two, Three, Four, Five


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Never Strikes Twice

Smoke and Shadow

Modern Love (FF 150 words)

The Nightmare Hunter

Swan of Death

One Hundred and Four Years


Believe (FF 150 words)

A girl named Natty

Pulling Teeth

The Apprentice

Devil’s Advocate



The Emissary


  • The Captain’s Daughter

The Captain’s Daughter – Part 1

The Captain’s Daughter – Part 2

The Captain’s Daughter – Part 3

The Captain’s Daughter – Part 4

  • My Sister the Siren

My Sister the Siren – Part I

My Sister the Siren – Part II

My Sister the Siren – Part III

My Sister the Siren – Part IV

My sister the Siren – Part V (finale!)


  • Seven Wonders of the World

Curse of Khufu (Part I)

Curse of Khufu (Part II)

Earth and Sky

The Lighthouse

Kingdom of Stone

The Blood of Rome

An Ordinary Man